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Hello there. Are you looking for a copy editor? You’ve come to the right place.

My specialty is turning highly technical language into clear, concise, and understandable English that conveys the message you intend it to convey. I am what The Baltimore Sun’s John E. McIntyre calls “proper” copy editor, which means I do much more than just check spelling and grammar:

“Proper copy editing includes examining the focus, dredging the main point up from the tenth paragraph to make it more prominent. Proper copy editing addresses the language: rooting out cliches, substituting an ordinary term for jargon when it would serve the reader better, altering infelicitous wording. Proper copy editing prunes, deleting the irrelevant, tightening the language. Proper copy editing raises serious questions, including the kind that can identify plagiarism, fabrication, and libel.”

In short, I work with clients but for the reader, making sure your content serves your audience.

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Chicagoland Chapter Co-coordinator. I am the chapter communications manager, which includes overseeing several projects: