About Me

I am a Chicago-based freelance copy editor and proofreader. I began my journalism career as a freshman in high school, working on the school’s newspaper when “page layout” was called “paste-up” and involved physically gluing the cut-up story printouts onto a page template with lots and lots of rubber cement. I fell in love.*

What followed was a bit of a bumpy career in words. From an internship with a printer and my first “real” job with a “good news” news magazine to being laid off from a huge legal publisher after only working there 13 days and an eight-year stint as the sole copy editor for the for-profit media arm of a nonprofit health care association (say that three times fast), I really learned my way around publishing. Today, I am gleefully freelancing and ready to work for you.

So, if you’re in the market for a first-rate, professional copy editor or proofreader, look no further!

Hire Me

For availability, rates, or just to say, “Hi, that’s a nice red pen,” email me with your project details at (Please do not send attachments; all unsolicited emails with attachments are automatically tagged as spam by my email filter.)

Kandy was a pleasure to work with. ... Hire her!Or would you (or your employer) prefer to contract with me through an employment agency (or LLC) that’s already vetted me and my skills? Have no fear! I am currently registered with several agencies, including the following:

* Note: I am fully aware that this “love” might have been chemically induced thanks to the powerful combination of teenage hormones and the rubber-cement fumes I inhaled while working in the top-floor, unair-conditioned journalism classroom of my small-town Kansas high school. I would also like to point out that it’s absolutely not my fault that said high school had to be torn down the year after I graduated. Honest. It was really old.