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One week and untold hours later, I’m done updating my website. Am I finished? Uh … no. I could go on tweaking and changing and adding and thinking, thinking, thinking forever … and ever … and…. (You get the idea.)

There is no such thing as “finished” when it comes to websites—or anything with words, actually. As Oscar Wilde said, “This morning I took out a comma and this afternoon I put it back in again.” You can always do more.

This is especially true when it comes to a marketing piece since marketing is all about testing to see which approach, keywords, or timing works best. So you’re always tweaking something or thinking about tweaking something. It can drive a person mad—unless you knowingly set your agenda and stick to it. Much like never going grocery shopping without a list, I maintain my sanity by keeping a record of everything I want to add or change as I think of it. That way, when I have a chunk of time to devote to updating my site, I can just go down the checklist until I’m done—and then walk the hell away.

My checklist included three items with several subitems:

  1. Add a sidebar.
    1. Add EFA logo
    2. Add call-to-action contact info so it appears on every page
    3. Include links to editorial directories
    4. Blog-page-only search and subscribe
  2. Rewrite/rearrange copy.
    1. Add an actual bio, with lots of links for SEO value
    2. Move client list from intro to portfolio
    3. Add “legal” and “health care” keywords to intro
    4. Update website title for better SEO
  3. Add testimonials.
    1. Choose most suitable testimonials from LinkedIn recommendations
    2. Ask for permission to use chosen recommendations on website
    3. Create graphics and place on pages

Is there more to do? Yep! I thought of several more tweaks as I went along—but I won’t do them today. Cuz today, my friends, I am done.