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  • Podcast Alert. The Editor Life Podcast has just wrapped up its first season, covering topics like managing client relationships and editorial ethics. The hosts, Jaclyn DeVore  and Angela Houston of DeVore Editorial, share some very relatable stories. Check it out!
  • Fake Commute. People may not miss their real commute, but fake commutes are on the rise—and they’re good for your brain. If you (or your brain) need more, check out several Chicago-area hiking trails or stay inside and partake of the joys of “slow TV.”
  • Odd Jobs. And you thought freelancing was cool. Ha! You could get paid $500 to eat pizza and binge watch Netflix, earn $30/hour to be a full- or part-time “candyologist,” or score $3,000 and a free mattress by (literally) sleeping on it.
  • Winter is Here. The good news? It’s Girl Scout cookie season! And you can buy them online from a troop near you. The bad news? Snow, snow, slush, and snow. But hey, if life gives you freezing temps, build an igloo.


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