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  • Moving Time? Ready to live somewhere quieter but don’t want to leave the state? The city of Quincy, Ill., is offering up to $5k to move there to help fill a large labor shortage. While the focus is on filling the 700-plus open full-time jobs, remote workers who relocate are also eligible.
  • Editor Qualities. What does it take to be a freelance editor? According to Allison Williams, curiosity, constant education, ruthlessness—and the ability to do it all quickly, because time is (your) money.
  • Take Five. Research finds that “five hours is about the maximum that most of us can concentrate hard on something.” So if that’s also your “brain work” (i.e., editing/billable hours) limit, take heart that you’re not alone—but do set your rates accordingly.


Illinois No. 10 for Remote Work

According to a recent study, Illinois came in 10th in the top U.S. states for remote work. Ranked on several factors—including broadband connectivity, electrical grid reliability,  inclusiveness, and cost of living—North Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota took top honors. In the overall CNBC America’s Top States for Business study, Illinois was ranked 15th.


By Amy Spungen


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