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  • Take a Hike. Or a history tour! On Saturday, Sept. 25, the Chicago Graphic Design Club will host a Printer’s Row Printing History Walk, starting at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15, and they request fully vaccinated participants only.
  • All Zoomed Out. A new Chrome extension could help you fight Zoom fatigue. Created by Reviews.org, which tests smart-home products and services, the tool “scan[s your Google] calendar and warn[s you] of video call fatigue BEFORE it hits.”
  • Want to Play a Game? If you’re not too tired, how about some good old-fashioned goofing off? LifeHacker walks you through how to play Zoom’s new built-in games, including trivia, poker, and Werewolf with Friends. (Yes, werewolves!!!)


CIEP Members on How Clients Find Them

Being findable by clients is the key to a successful business. But just how and where do clients find you?

Members of Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) were recently asked just that. Answers include having a strong and varied presence online—from a website and LinkedIn profile to listings in several professional directories. Word of mouth and repeat business from clients were also high on their lists.

You can read the rest here: Wise owls: where do your clients find you?

CMOS for PerfectIt Proofreading Software + Webinars

PerfectIt is what macros want to be when they grow up—and now it’s even more useful for those who live and die by The Chicago Manual of Style.

The new Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt software combines the CMOS with PerfectIt’s style checker. It’s free for subscribers to CMOS Online and PerfectIt; to install the new features, those with subscriptions to both must update to the latest version of PerfectIt.

To help ya’ll get a handle on the new features, ACES: The Society of Editing will hold a series of live webcasts with Daniel Heuman, CEO and founder of Intelligent Editing, during September. All will be held at 4 p.m. Eastern time and are free for ACES members but $30 for nonmembers:

ACES members receive a 30% discount on PerfectIt and a 20% discount on CMOS Online. EFA members receive a 30% discount PerfectIt Pro Edition and 20% off one-, two-, or three-year subscriptions on CMOS Online.

Career Development Scholarships to Help Increase Skills

Feeling stuck in your career? ACES announced the next round of the Richard S. Holden Diversity Fellowship, a pilot program of up to three $3,000 fellowships that will enable participants to get the training and support they need to move their careers forward.

Membership in ACES is not required to apply, though fellows will be awarded a two-year membership. Candidates from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.

The application deadline is Sept. 13.

Back 2 Business Grant Program Now Open

Small businesses, including independent contractors and freelancers operating as sole proprietors, can now apply for a grant through the Back 2 Business program. B2B is awarding $5,000 to $150,000 grants to businesses that experienced losses during the pandemic.

The deadline to apply for a grant is Oct. 13.

Illinois Pass-Through SALT Cap Goes Bye-Bye

Thanks to a new law, Illinois pass-through businesses—such as partnerships,
S corporations, and limited liability companies—can now choose to pay the entity-level income tax on their annual taxes. This “essentially permits such businesses to circumvent the $10,000 SALT cap,” according to an article on Bloomberg.

However, an RSM US article cautioned that “making the election may, or may not, create significant tax savings when aggregating federal and state tax liabilities.” So please check with your friendly neighborhood accountant to find out more come tax time.


By Amy Spungen

This month, The Writers’ Co-op advised listeners on how to “Retain Your [Freelance] Clients” (Aug. 9), and The Deliberate Freelancer covered “How to Recognize and Overcome Perfectionism” (Aug. 19). The Editing Podcast recently offered advice on “LGBTQ+ Editing” (July 13).


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